Dr H. Thanisch Riesling Kabinett 2017
This juicy and fruity Riesling is gorgeous to enjoy today, though you can easily cellar it for a decade or two"  90 points.  Stephan Reinhardt, RobertParker.com


Ziereisen 'Tschuppen' Spatburgunder 2016 (Pinot Noir)
"The man is a superstar, whose Pinots are up there with the very best." Tim Atkin, Master of Wine


Tesch Riesling Karthauser 2012
"A Riesling grown in red sandstone soil. It has a slight smokey edge with white fruits a silky texture and powerful finish. Very focused and dry.'' Daenna Van Mulligen


Ziereisen Blauer Spatburgunder 2016 (pinot noir)
"The man is a superstar, whose Pinots are up there with the very best." Tim Atkin, Master of Wine


Gunderloch Fritz’s Riesling 2018
Fantastic Dry German Riesling.


Ziereisen Spatburgunder 'Rhini' 2013 (Pinot Noir)
"Intensely perfumed. Really rather polished and beautiful." Jancis Robinson


Ziereisen Weisser Burgunder 2018 (Pinot Blanc)
"Quite attention grabbing. Racy and elegant with a vegetal streak and real savour. The best Weissburgunder I tasted at the Landweinmarkt." Jancis Robinson


Ziereisen Gutedel 'Heugumber' 2017 (Chasselas)
Another great find from the Baden in Germany. Located in the southern most part of Baden near the France / Swiss border, Hanspeter Ziereisen is a highly talented wine maker with a fierce devotion to low impact natural methods.


Benedikt Baltes Grossheubach Spatburguunder AR 2016
"Given these achievements, we have no doubt that Benedict Baltes will soon establish a firm position among the absolute top producers of red wines. Our discovery of the year." Weinplus Magazine


Benedikt Baltes Bundensandstein Spatburgunder 2015
German is all about Riesling right? Well.....not always it seems. We have just received word that the exicting Pinot Noir's from Fraken's emerging superstar Benedit Baltes have hit our shores. Grapes are grown to strict organic & biodynamic principles.


Benedikt Baltes Bundensandstein Portugieser 2016
This number is a Portugieser (WTF?), a grape with origins from the Danube Valley (not in Portugal!). It's an early ripening lighter style and hard to believe it is Germany's 3rd most planted variety (although total plantings have halved since the 1970s).


Julg Spatburgunder (Pinot Noir) 2016
German fruit from the limestone soil vineyards (Kalkmergel). Johannes believes the 2016 wines are superior to the much lauded 2015. As can be expected given the northern climate this wine is elegant and medium-bodied.


Julg Riesling Trocken 2018
Now here's something genuinely interesting. The estate of Weingut Julg, located in the southernmost village in Pfalz, straddles the German-France border. What this means is that half the vines are in Pfalz, the other half in Alsace!


Muller Catoir Burgergarten Riesling 2017
“All the wines from Müller-Catoir are outstanding, effortlessly combining an intensity of flavour with an undeniable exoticism." Stephen Brook, The Wines of Germany


Muller Catoir Haardt Riesling 2017
“Showered with praise during the last decade, this estate is now widely recognised as one of the country’s best.” Stuart Pigott, The Wine Atlas of Germany


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