Budget Italian 6-Pack

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With restaurants sales down, our Italian suppliers came to us this week and offered us deals that we've never seen before.  This is your chance to stock on some high quality Italian wine at very affordable prices.  There are three different 6-packs, each at different price points to meet your budget.

I should also point out, that with the Australian Dollar so low against the Euro, all European wines will increase over the next few months.  This is your one time to buy quality wine at significantly reduced prices.   Stock up while you can!
Buy these wines individually and you'll pay $140.  Buy them in this 6-pack and pay just $99.  

  • Astoria Prosecco Treviso Butterfly Extra Dry NV
  • Castello di Querceto Vernaccia di S. Gimignano DOCG 2017
  • Astoria Alisia Pinot Grigio IGT 2019
  • Varvaglione Dodici 12 e Mezzo Primitivo del Salento 2017
  • Collefrisio Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 2017
  • Castello di Querceto Chianti DOCG 2018

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