Chateau Les Trois Croix Rosé 2016

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No other winemaker has done as much or is as famous as Patrick Leon.

Now at the risk of some serious hyperbole, today we have a “personal” wine from perhaps one of greatest ever winemakers.   I know that line could come from a dodgy clearance outlet not to be named, however the winemaker is Patrick Léon and if that name is new to you, let me give a brief background; in 1985 he was appointed winemaker for Château Mouton Rothschild (yes, you read correctly) and stayed there for two decades and produced some of the world’s great wines during his tenure. 

If that wasn't enough, during this time he was also co-winemaker at the legendary American winery Opus One.   No-one can disagree, these are among the worlds top wineries.  But after two decades at the top of the wine making world, he “retired” to start his own label, which brings us to today’s wine – Chateau Les Trois Rose 2016, which was made by Patrick Leon before he sadly passed away.

Usually this wine is $35 and our competitors still sell it for this price.  But we've done the hard yards and got the job done for you.  For a limited time, this can be yours for $19.99, which is the price the importer pays to be delivered into Australia.

If you enjoy dry French Rose, then you'll enoy this with it's delicate aromas which follow through to sublte and light palate.  This Rose has really benefited with an extra year or two in the bottle and is now presenting its flavours in a rounded and rich texture.  A delightful accompaniment to light seafood dishes or fruit desserts consumed in the setting of a sunny summer garden.

If you fancy a Rose made by one of the world's greatest ever winemakers at a price the importer's pay, then this is it!  Stocks are limited, so don't delay your purchase.

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