Chateau Meillac Bordeaux Superieur Fronsac 2012

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Hi Folks,

I'm going out on a limb here... but I reckon this is the best value Bordeaux in all of AustraIia!  Its highly unlikely you will ever-see another Bordeaux at this quality for such a low price.  Well-known specialist Bordeaux writer's are talking up its value thinking it's over $30, "At a little over $30, this is a good value Bordeaux choice."  They must not have seen our price!. The particular Bordeaux that has got all of us talking at European Wine Store, is the 2012 Château Meillac from 'Fronsac' in Bordeaux's right bank. This predominantly merlot based Bordeaux has an impressive depth of richness, with loads of plum, violet, raspberry and cassis aromas with just a hint of mineral spice.  Fine and silky tannins, along with fresh acidity give this Bordeaux a sense of brightness.  Good complexity, and a velvet-smooth finish that has considerable length.  The aforementioned wine writer's from above have provided their in-depth analysis as to why this is an incredibly good value Bordeaux. (Please scroll down)

(And for us, what make's this even more special, is that it comes from a really good vintage '2012' and having matured already 8 years, its very much in its ideal drinking window (2019 -2021).

''Château Meillac is situated in Fronsac, and the 2012 vintage is a merlot dominant blend, together with some cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon. The proportions are 85%, 12% and 3% respectively.  In the glass, it presents merlot driven red berry and redcurrant aromatics.  The palate is well balanced, medium bodied and has raspberry red fruit characters.  At a little over $30, this is a good value Bordeaux choice.''  Sean Mitchell,

''Dominated by 85% Merlot, this classic right bank Bordeaux blend is packed with juicy fruit characters and wild blackberry; some notes of fresh tobacco and spice confirm that the wine has matured gracefully and is slowly reaching its ideal drinking time. It is generous and structured; the fleshy tannins carry the fruit to a very respectable length. There is attention to detail in this wine. Note that the ripe tannins help the wine keeping its poise in an open bottle for 48h, in fact it opens to a new range of characters, no small feat indeed." Loic de Calvez, Wine Truth

If you've been put off from buying Bordeaux in the past because of the considerable price tag it attracts in Australia,  then don't fret..,..At $19.99, from a very good vintage 2012, a well-regarded Appellation 'Fronsac' in Bordeaux's right bank and in its ideal drinking window, we reckon this is a good time to start buying Bordeaux again. (just in time for the Tour de France and Bastille Day!) 

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