G.H. von Mumm 50 Riesling Trocken 2019

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You can put this wine away in your cellar and my comments in your memory bank, While most German rieslings attract a hefty premium in Australia, GH Von Mumm '50th Parallel' Trocken Riesling bucks the status quo with a cracking acidity, fresh apple-like fruit and super balance makes this wine unique in Australia. Not only does it kicks goals with quality, but it's pushing the envelope in just how low good quality riesling can be priced and by that I'm talking $22. Most people associate Clare Valley riesling as top value and rightly so, however if GH Von Mumm '50th Parallel' Trocken Riesling continues to put out rieslings priced like this, Australia will be sharing the mantle of best value riesling in the world.

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