Prà 'Monte Grande' Soave Classico 2018

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''Prà is a benchmark producer of Soave Classico. The Prà name on a label is as good a guarantee of quality as you can get. Their flagship Soave Classico bottling is from the well-regarded and well-situated Monte Grande vineyard.'' Michael Apstein

''Arguably, Prà’s best wine is the Soave Classico Monte Grande, of which he makes roughly 1,250 to 1,500 cases a year. There are many things I like about this wine, first and foremost the fact that, despite being a rather expansive style of Soave; it manages to deliver noteworthy ripeness and volume without camouflaging either its specific terroir or the native varieties from which it is made. Monte Grande is an extremely thought-provoking Soave Classico for a variety of reasons. For one, it has always been made only with grapes grown in the Monte Grande cru, where Prà owns four hectares, and so it is a site-specific wine. I find that the Monte Grande cru can deliver powerful, mineral-rich Soaves.'' Ian D'Agata, Vinous Media.

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